Markets are changing rapidly; monopolistic structures are breaking up. This creates a growing demand for a deeper understanding of potential developments of market structures and of the consumers’ needs for utilization of new applications:

  • National/International companies in the TIME markets
  • Funds with a focus on TIME markets
  • Turn-around companies


Addressable are all infrastructure operations as well as media companies that are seeking a presence within those new infrastructures and new formats of engagement. In addition, MCG sees a need for consulting advice to portfolio companies and selected individual private equity funds, or VC companies. Alongside a strong global consolidation of market participants, new players enter the market.

  • Infrastructure/logistic companies 
  • Companies in the application sectors (Media, Healthcare, Energy Supply, Automotive)
  • Investment/Private Equity/VC Funds, Banks

Reference projects

Referenzen, u.a. Telekom, n-tv, SONY


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