Core competencies and areas of consulting expertise

The areas of core competencies of MCG concentrate on complex industries with a high potential for future growth.

The areas of expertise range from the ongoing consolidation of the TIME market participants (with classic strategic consulting as well as M&A advisory services) to a deep understanding of the economic policy framework for a successful development of the telecommunications and application industries. The direct access of the partners to regulatory authorities and political decision makers (State Media Authorities, Antitrust Authorities) supports and facilitates strategic and operational alignment of individual client companies.

MCG provides in-depth knowledge and experience of the latest technological developments (broadband-, mobile-, DSL- and cable-networks) with the resulting convergence of media and application markets and the associated change in consumer behaviors.

Of particular importance is the Internet-TV convergence, including its synergies with Smart Home and eHealth applications as well as the involvement of private households and individuals in Smart Energy and eMobility systems of the future. 

areas of consulting expertise

The consulting services offer of MCG sets priorities in accordance with market structures in the following areas: 


Strategic analysis, development and implementation of interactive/on-demand and broadcast TV programs, including license negotiations with content owners and media authorities. MCG lays a special focus on the development and implementation of special interest channels (e.g. foreign language programs, cultural, educational and scientific channels) as on well as the development of new TV formats. 


Analysis of market and technology developments; strategic, functional and technical conception of infrastructures (e.g. development, implementation and promotion of open platforms).

eMarkets and Applications

Design, planning and implementation of product strategies and marketing of new services for eHealth (patient records, digital therapeutical centers, clinical computing centers, telemedicine), Smart Home (control and minimization of energy consumption, private energy feeding in public networks), eMobility (new automotive concepts for reduced energy consumption and for energy storage), Smart Energy (developing innovative energy production, storage and distribution). Priority is given to classic marketing tasks, as well as to the placement and positioning of industrial partners in the center of the activities. 


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